By: South Sound Law Group

– Client

A Satisfied Client
When I got in trouble I was young and scared. I was not legal yet and my parents made me figure out what I was going to do all on my own. After shopping around for many weeks in the Tacoma area, meeting with 12-15 different lawyers. Bill from the jump stood out to me. First off, he let me come in for my consultation after I got off work which was at 7 and those are not business hours. Then he was so non-judgmental and caring and so knowledgeable. He let me cry and cry and promised me I was in good hands. When Bill told me his rate for a DUI charge i knew I couldn't afford it and I was extremely bummed. For the next 3 weeks Bill would call to see how I was, see how school was going. He cared about me so much and wanted to work with me. Finally after a few weeks he asked me how much I could afford on a lawyer. I was honest with him and told him I couldn't afford the rate he was asking. (Its not extreme, i was just working part time in fast food) He came down and we agreed upon a rate that worked for the both of us. Before every court date he told me everything that the judge was going to say and what I needed to say. He was proud to present me. He spoke very highly of me to the judge. Bill really is on our side and he loves his clients. He will go the extra mile to make sure that you are comfortable. His kids are also lawyers and work for him sometimes. They are also AMAZING. I felt just as comfortable in court when his son represented me then when Bill did. He taught his kids well. Bill is just all around the best lawyer. He is Professional, knowledgeable, caring, understanding, experienced. And the people that work in his office are amazing too. I will always and forever go to and recommend Bill to everyone